Lesson and Blessing

For the assignment 5 of writing 101, Let social media inspire you, I took this random tweet and made my work.

Thank you wordpress for conducting this event “Writing 101”. Through that, I have met a lot of new people.

You are my lesson and your post is my Teacher. Thanks to the fellow readers.

My friend once said, “Between 18 and 25 years of age, you meet a lot of temporary people”. I totally agreed eventually after I experienced a lot of things these days.I do not find anything like temporary or permanent friend. In some case, hm no.big no. In many cases, My friend of friend of friend(whom I really meeting him for the first time) took care of me more than my soulmate. I mean it. Thanks to those friends for your love. I may not contact you frequently, But, you all found a permanent place in my life and I won’t forget you any minute. It’s my blessing.

Please share your thoughts.

Night Sky


“I believe, I can do the impossible someday”

I always wonder how the stars steals a big time in my busy day. At times, I feel the time runs fives times faster than the normal. When I think of stars and sky, I could not bring out in words as many things running inside me. Finally, I took a piece of cake which I want to share with you.

Every single star is separated millions of miles and yet, it seems like they are closely together like our Friendship.

Moon sometimes get behind the clouds and always there with you in the sky like the Mother.

Darkness in the sky which holds everything shows my Love to you.

Please comment your thoughts.

Here is the list of things I like

Hello world,

A Warm greetings to Everyone. Comparing to yesterday, today I feel little experienced because of what you all have written in Writing 101 assignment 1(I write because). I have read most of them which catches my eye and I got fascinated, inspired, more and more which I could not find words to express. Thank you everyone for giving such a new experience ever felt in my life before. I again thank those who liked my post and followed my blog which is itching inside all the time to move forward and your appreciation means a lot to me.

Now to the second assignment of Writing 101, The list of thinks I like

  • to learn new things
  • Cook which I tried only two recipes before
  • Walk on the single long road alone


  • Youtube
  • Music
  • Fictional writers
  • To travel alone
  • Books
  • Poetry
  • Engineering
  • Lectures
  • To teach

Feel free to comment any mistakes.

I write because……

I write because someday in future I want my book to be published and sold million copies. This is my dream to write a fictional series. Nowhere or near, I am standing in some unknown place in the path of it.

And I have another reason is that I have multiple answers in my mind but struck in expressing a single answer. I want to fight against this horror disease. Writing narrows my ideas in single road.

Hope Writing 101 help me move a bit forward towards that. I am good at taking suggestions from others. Feel free to comment any mistakes which I do often. Ha Ha !!! I completed my first assignment in Writing 101.

A Short Story Time (A Journey to Humanity)

I witnessed an incident while travelling on the bus oneday. This incident really touched my heart and wanted to share it.The youngster in this story is my best friend (I mean it).
The way we feel every second matters. As usual, I boarded the same bus in the morning at 9:30am.  I dream a lot especially while travelling and when I have nothing to pass the time with. But this day was different because it altered my thinking for a minute. This single minute may look small. But it had a big effect on me.
An old man was paying for the tickets while standing. He used his right hand for balance and left hand to carry the handy spectacle pouch in which he kept all the money, bills, ATM cards and spectacles too. Soehow, he put down the pouch and everything inside fell out on the bus floor. He was struggling to get the pouch for 40 seconds and he could not reach it because of the Old age problems.
After a moment, a youngster from the back of the bus ran up to the old man and collected all the things for him. The youngster handed over the pouch to that old man. He did not stop at that. In addition, the youngster gave his seat to that old man. The old man kept on praising about his wife and the life they are having now. The old man said “I am going to meet my wife in the KMCH hospital. She is in bed for more than a week because of spine problem”. The youngster thought that this old man was torturing him for the last  15 minutes by talking, talking and continuous talking. After few minutes, the old man asked the youngster to inform every bus stop they reached (as the conductor was red hot in his work,not possible for the old man to ask). He checked his list of bus stops written on the small piece of paper whenever the youngster alerted with the new stop and put a tick on the paper whenever a bus stop crossed. Then the old man sat in silence after that. The youngster did not understand what the old man was doing.
After 20 minutes, the youngster said “ This stop is called Aravind eye hospital and the next stop will be yours ”. The old man said “Thank you, my son.You did great help”. The old man praised by keeping his hand on the youngster’s head “God bless you”. After 5 minutes, the old man got down from the bus after many cross checkings.
The youngster had no mind to leave this old man alone. So, he jumped from the bus to meet the old man.
They both together went to the hospital. The old man did not remember the room number. So, they reached the reception and asked the details.
The receptionist saw both of them from up and down. She started scolding that old man “ Go away old man. your wife is not in this hospital ”.
The old man started to walk on the ICU ward side and said “ I am sure da kanna (dear). She is in this hospital only ” and after some walk, he slept on the chair in an empty room.
The youngster angered on the receptionist and asked about the same in rough voice.
The receptionist said “ This old man’s wife passed away last week ” and “ This old man has some problem on top ”.

The youngster was shocked and went to the old man in real fast.
The oldman said “ Okay son. I saw my wife and she is resting. We can leave now ”.
The youngster felt the worst for that old man and tears splashed from his eyes.
After a minute, the old man said “Sorry, son. I have short term memory loss. I used to bring lunch for her everyday in the hospital. I forgot to take my note. Thank you again, son. Bye” and he left the hospital with the list of bus stops on the other hand.
The youngster’s heart was broken into pieces.


Two years later,
And now the youngster is doing many charity works all over my city. He has been in many Old age homes. He has been in many Orphanages. But, He has not been in bars, pubs and clubs and what we  say this as a 21st century entertainment world.
You have the right to spend thousands of money in theatres and you still have the right to save 10rs a week. Choose wisely. Save children. Save water. Save electricity.


On my first second of my new day ,you make me blossom

On my first view of mirror of new day, i know you are inside me

On the first drop of water in shower, you are here to hold my hand

On my first touch of towel in my head, you are here to take care of me

On my first bite of breakfast ,i will be keen my health because it is yours

On my first task of my work lost concentration because my mind filled by you

On my first hand of lunch, i am totally lost the interest in eating

On my first sip of coffee in the evening, something pinches in my heart by the reason of past memories with you 

On my dinner i found you are not with me and then

On my bed a minute ticks 1000000 times instead of 60


On the first minute of waking you are gone


But the truth is i am trying to forget you for the last 100 days

But being a fellow human,I am not able to control my dreams because it was you with i am dreaming

If you are with me, I can tell whether THE CHICKEN comes first or THE EGG

Dying lover searching for comeback


Visionary Thoughts

abe-lincoln-quoteWhenever you start a new thing and expect it to success, there are some steps should be followed

1.) Be Visionary:  collect the basic information about what you are going to do.Learn the SHORTCUTS

2.) Plan yourself the Best:  After learning the shortcuts, you will get a clear idea on what should do and what should not. ” Do not do DON’T THINGS “

3.) Derive a Perfect Schedule: Split your work based to the situation or the time you are having .This step will lead you to  great impact.

4.) Key to Success:  Strictly follow the 3rd step.very simple!!!

” Don’t think whether it is right or not,

Think whether it is suitable or not ”

You could be a fool yesterday, But not today.

Fools are those, whose talents are yet to be exposed.



Incredible Dream

This is my incredible dream experience. Hope everyone got different gardens in your subconscious mind which reflects and constructs your dream.

Dream Place: Aruppukottai (A small town in Virudhunagar)

Dream Time: Early morning

I was lying in my bed dreaming of Adah Sharma.

Suddenly I started to shiver. Feeling restless. I hurried (Romance Dreams) out of my dream and woke up very rapidly.

Oh My God, it’s a earthquake. My pressure is impulsive inside me ‘thig thig’ and ‘thig thig'(Beat of my heart).

I came out of my home and started to run to Pradeep’s home. The things (Houses,Roads and Trees) behind is slowly imperceptible (like the insects in “The day The Earth stood still” movie).

Im seeing the snakes reaching the state of extinct. The snakes I’m seeing are aboriginal. No man in the world see this kind of snakes. Because these snakes are living under our earth and are not supposed to live in our climate and temperature. There are dying whenever it reaches our atmosphere.

Im running and running. At the end of a street, there is a deep down of minimum 10 feet height. I was diving towards the other side in order to reach the safe side and I reached Pradeep’s home at last. And I started to demonstrate the things around us. None of my friends believed me. They took my both hand and quake me.



I woke up